Dear Signatures Friends,

In our age of “online everything,” beautiful, personalized stationery and invitations make  bold statements about your style. They elevate your family celebrations, private correspondence and business communications to a level that no standard card or e-mail can achieve.

The concept for Signatures was born with my mom’s long-ago gift of personalized stationery. She felt that the personal touch made all the difference – and years later, I still value her passion for uniquely crafted personalized correspondence.

Signatures stationery and invitations extends this passion to you – helping celebrate the moments of your life as you want them to be, from the very first crack of the envelope.

For two decades, Signatures has carefully interpreted every client’s style in unique invitations, stationery and tailored gifts. Built on trust, referrals, and word of mouth, Signatures is known for offering a truly personalized journey towards weddings, Mitzvah celebrations, engagement parties, confirmations, showers, corporate events, birthday parties and more – always with our “special Signature.”

Call it passion. Call it love. Call it attention to detail.

But whatever you call it, make sure you call us for stationery and service as personal as your signature.


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